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Capitalizing on Hiring Trends for Freelancers

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SaaS company Salesforce recently announced that they will be acquiring Slack for nearly $30 billion. If you’re not already using it, you may know that Slack is a channel-based app used as a way to stay connected with other team members working remotely. This acquisition is a pretty hefty bet by Salesforce that remote work is here to stay, which is a great indication that hiring trends will continue to favor freelancers!

Companies are more receptive than ever to hiring remote workers and project-based workers. For specific projects requiring expert knowledge, hiring a freelancer is a much more efficient use of time and money and allows companies to pinpoint contractors with the exact skills they need to get the job done.

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Now is the perfect time for seasoned Freelancers to capitalize on these hiring trends. Experienced freelancers have an upper hand over newcomers in several ways: They already have experience working from home, they’ve proven themselves as self-motivated, and they’ve already overcome many of the tech and communication challenges that first-timers face.

Barriers to entry are at an all-time low for freelancers wanting to offer their services to larger companies. Here’s how freelancers can take solid action RIGHT NOW to get your foot in the door with your dream company!

List Your Dream Companies

  • Pinpoint the type of business or company you’d love to have as a client. Find a service area that really resonates with you and one you can be passionate about. Dream big!

Identify Businesses in Your Niche

  • Go to Linked In and find companies that fit your vision and connect with them. Then, look for specific people in that company. Find the HR Director or the management position who might be likely to hire, and connect with them.


  • Create an introduction. Something like, “Hi, I’m Mat, I do xyz and I’d love to talk about opportunities that may be available.” Then, link them to your portfolio. Get your Information, skills, and services in front of the people who have the power to hire.
  • Make 10 or so connections per month if possible. By the end of the year, you will have made more than 100 connections!

Hopefully, these tips about hiring trends have helped you visualize how you can go about connecting to companies that were once out of reach for most freelancers. For more on freelancing, how to get started, attract more clients, and so much more, get on the list to be notified when my new Marketing for Freelancers podcast drops!

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