Passive & Recurring Revenue Articles

Proven Passive Income Ideas for Designers

What if I told you that as a graphic designer, you have some amazing opportunities right now to make money while you sleep?  It may sound too good to be true, but for a freelancer used to trading hours for dollars, passive income can be a powerful tool, allowing...

Simple Ways to Create Cross-Sells and Upsells for your Current Freelance Clients

So you’ve already got your client and you’re starting to serve them well. But does your current strategy leave money on the table? Not sure? Listen up - I’ll show you how to pick up that money off the table and put it in your pocket with cross-sells and upsells to...

Discover Why & How to Add Recurring Revenue to Your Freelance Business Now

Are you through with the stress and pressure of the feast or famine client cycle? Learning to add recurring revenue to your freelance business is going to give you a reprieve from the treadmill of one-and-done clients while providing you stability in your business,...

12 Passive Income Ideas for graphic designers that you can start right away

The problem with working as a freelancer is that cash-flow problems are the main issue. Depending on money from your clients alone is not viable as incoming work is often unstable. In fact, even if incoming work is fairly stable; you might even have problems with late...

6 Passive Revenue Stream Ideas for a Graphic Design Business

Are you frustrated about generating revenue for your graphic design business? Get 6 lucrative cash-generating ideas to scale your business…

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